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Do You Want More SEO Traffic?

Website Design

Is Your Website Growing Your Business?

Your website can benefit or harm your business. In other words, it either encourages new business or inhibits it. a dose of reality Customers who are turned off by it will likely purchase from your competitor.

How Effective Is Your Website?

How much business are you losing as a result?
Your website is your company’s online storefront. In today’s Internet-dependent culture, a business’s website receives more traffic than its physical location. Is your company accepting of this reality?

Our Guarantee

Grow Your Online Presence

As a leader in SEO, web design, eCommerce, website conversion,& digital marketing services, Adanax Digital prides itself on delivering exceptional value and results to our clients.

  • Modern Website 75% 75%
  • SEO capabilities 90% 90%
  • Customer Attraction 100% 100%

Modern Design

A modern and responsive design is a must in 2023. 

Tracking Mechanics

Pixels, Cookies, Email Opt-ins, we have you covered.

Mobile Friendly

Does your website look great on al devices?

Our website development strategy

Our 3-Step Website Development Process

Remember the house analogy for this step. Any architect you hire to build your house will create a blueprint for the house to ensure that you have all of the rooms you expect to have. Depending on the size of the project, that blueprint may evolve into a model, but the point is, you don’t start building until everyone has a shared vision from which they can collaborate.

The blueprint indicates that this outlet will go here, that light will go there, and that this room will look like this and have this shape.

A webpage blueprint’s purpose is to ensure that the correct information is communicated on a given page.

We’re looking at the presentation of that page in the Prototype step.

We’re starting to build our house’s walls, so to speak, by painting them and making sure everything looks good.
At this point, you should inquire;

Is the page consistent with the branding or aesthetic you’re expecting?
Do the images and graphics support the message you’re attempting to convey?
Do the typography and spacing assist in the management of information flow and clarity?
We’re not interested in the functionality.

We want to make sure everything looks the way you want it to.

It is now time to begin the page’s formal development.

This is where we inquire;

Is it linked to any other pages?
Do the forms, videos, and graphics function properly?
Is the SEO information available?
Do all of the buttons function properly?
Once this stage is approved, we can begin working on the next page of the website (but not before), especially if you have one of our unlimited plans (we’ll only work on one or two pages at a time depending on your plan). But we really want to say “this page is done” before moving on to the next.